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Design is a marketing tool like no other and our approach to design is always based around achieving an objective which is to influence people’s perception of your company, support existing branding or creating a new sales message.  When done well, strategic print design solutions have the capacity to make a business or organisation stand out amongst its competitors.  People trust consistent branded items and packaging and customers recognise the colours of a brand known to them.  Our design department specialises in concepts, prototypes and refining your packaging requirements with your brand image and colors.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Everything starts with an idea. Our structural design team have years of experience in turning your idea into reality.  Inbox Group use the latest design software to create a new concept or design and produce samples and packaging.  Our CAD system and CAD technology run machinery that is accurate and fast and achieve great results.

Computer Generated 3D Modelling

Inbox Group has the resources to produce a 3D Computer model of your packaging before it goes to the sampling stage.  This can be rotated to see different angles of your custom built design for your approval.   Adobe Reader is required to view 3D CAD Models.

File Formats

Inbox Group requires file formats in Adobe Illustrator files, EPS files and PDF files in high resolution for better results.  Inbox Group requires that your artwork has a 4-5mm bleed over the external of die line drawing.  Adobe Reader is needed for accepting and signing off completed artwork.


We need to know the size, quantity, weight of the product, how many you are after, if it is a one-off or ongoing requirement and whether you are after a plain or printed item.   We will come up with a solution and then make it happen.   We listen to your needs and work with you to deliver the outcome you require.

The photos below are a project Inbox Group made for 4th Year Architectural students from Deakin University.   The graduating students showcased their finished work on our display stands which were made from heavy cardboard and shaped like a house. A 3D house made out of various shapes of cardboard was also suspended above the displays using wires as a unique feature.

The exhibition called “Paper Space,” was on display at Federation Square in Melbourne and was visited by architects and other professionals from the industry. Inbox Group was extremely happy to be selected to assist these students with their project and essentially their future.

Whether you need a simple cardboard box or a complex 3D structure, Inbox Group has the resources and capabilities to make your project a success.

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