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Do you have an excess amount of stock that you think would sell easier at the counter? Or do you want to alert customers to a new product or service you are offering as they wait to be served at the register?

Product display stands that sit on the counter are perfect for impulse buys and promo offers that might otherwise get overlooked elsewhere. Inbox Group offers a great selection of product display stands and counter displays that enable you to clinch those extra sales at the register and other high-traffic areas of the store.

Whether you want to display items to improve your sales or visual merchandising, our products will ensure your marketing impacts shoppers. It will influence your customer’s intent and enable you to reach your business goals.

Moreover, if you can display the right items in the right spot at your retail store, you will love to talk about the outcome. We have different display stands in a wide range of sizes and styles to maximise the utilisation of your counter space.

Find Product Display Stands in All Shapes and Sizes

Our unique mix of design capabilities means we can create stunning counter displays in all shapes and sizes. In addition, if you cannot find what you want, contact our experts and we will work with you to create a customised option based on your needs, budget, and specifications.

Whether you choose from our existing styles of product display stands or opt for a customised solution that’s made to suit your product, we offer you a quality way of presenting to your customers what makes your company different from your competition.

We have a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging, gift packaging, wine beverage packaging and more. To shop online with us click here.

Why Choose Our Product?

At Inbox Group, we understand that there is massive competition in the retail market, and your product will have to appear different if you want your brand to stand out. Appearance is a vital thing when it comes to attracting shoppers. You may have a high-quality product, but if it is not displayed well, it may not sell as expected.

Merchandising is vital in sales because we believe the better the display, the greater the number of deals and profit. So, we provide a wide range of counter displays with appealing designs and appearances that can entice your customers to purchase more items.

Our expertise and commitment to excellence have enabled us to form a good customer base and gain many repeat customers. The increasing product demand proves that we offer what our customers expect from us. It makes us the first choice of many regarding quality printing, packaging solutions, and counter display stands.

Though there are many reasons why you should choose our products, some of them are:

  • Competitive pricing –We aim to make our customers enjoy the long-term benefits of our quality products. So, you can get our quality products at a highly competitive price range.

  • Customised solution – We understand that no two counter display needs for a retail store can be the same. So, the same standard product can’t fit all requirements. Therefore, we offer a customised solution based on your business needs.

  • High-quality product – As a specialist counter display supplier in Melbourne, we can ensure that all of our products are made of quality material. They are known for their robust structure and high durability. They are designed to fit all spaces and can withstand different weights.

Countertop Cardboard Display Stands in Melbourne

When it comes to effective product promotion and showcasing, cardboard counter display boxes are a popular choice in Melbourne, Australia. These versatile and eye-catching displays attract attention and drive sales. Whether you need counter display boxes made of cardboard or are looking for attractive countertop card display stands in Melbourne, we have you covered. Our range of cardboard counter display boxes offers durability, customisation options, and affordability. With our countertop card display stands, you can effectively present your products and capture the interest of customers. Trust our high-quality solutions for your marketing and retail needs.

Key Features of Our Cardboard Counter Display Boxes and Countertop Cardboard Display Stands

  • Eye-catching cardboard counter display boxes for effective product promotion
  • Customisable options to suit your branding and product requirements
  • Affordable and durable solutions for showcasing products
  • Wide range of countertop card display stands available in Melbourne
  • Attract customer attention and drive sales with visually appealing displays

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Using custom graphics to promote your product in any location is important in order to build relationships in your market. Product display stands help you to reach out to your audience easily and get your brand noticed. Whether you need counter displays in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, contact us on contact us on 1300 97 88 55 to get a free quote today.