Heavy Duty Boxes & Industrial Packaging

For a large, heavy, or irregularly shaped product that requires a little more effort to pack, it’s important to have suitable industrial packaging to accommodate the item’s physical restrictions. Large, heavy duty boxes that won’t crumble under excessive weight offer the best protection, particularly when combined with additional foam or plastic padding.

Inbox Group specialises in the design and supply of heavy duty industrial packaging for businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. We can provide solutions to accommodate most industries across the country, from heavy duty boxes to wooden crates, plastic tubs and much more.

Professional Solutions to Accommodate Any Requirement

Inbox Group offers a variety of industrial packaging solutions to safely and securely pack up any large, heavy or very awkward item. From heavy machinery parts to delicate electronic components, we have the heavy duty boxes as well as the experience and know-how to help you pack your difficult items. Produced from heavier cardboard or other stronger materials (some products are better packed in timber crates or on pallets), our packaging engineers can help you to package your product effectively.

We also offer other packaging type like pharmaceutical packaging, wine beverage packaging, mailing packaging, and more. To shop online click here or browse website to know more.

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